Guest post: Kentucky fan can appreciate Calipari but still want great results while he is at Kentucky

John Calipari (Vicky Graff Photo)


Spoiled fans. High expectations. You’ve heard these things before right?

I hear it and see it often on social media when people are describing Kentucky fans. Kentucky fans will often even admit they are spoiled or unrealistic in expectations. I hate this. It’s ridiculous.

What’s more ridiculous is fans who say “Remember Billy G” or “Go back to the Billy G era.” Fans typically say this when the negative part of the fan base comes out and criticizes Cal and Kentucky after a loss. I’ve admittedly criticized Cal and I’m going to tell you why it’s OK to do it and it doesn’t make you a spoiled fan or unappreciative of Calipari. It’s quite the opposite actually.

Right now we have the king coach in college basketball sitting on our throne in Kentucky. There are maybe 1-2 other coaches that are even close. Not only is he one of the best coaches, he gets the best talent.

He doesn’t just get one or two 5-star kids, he gets four or five. These kids aren’t your average kids. They’re often kids who would already be in the NBA if it wasn’t for the one and done rule. Cal isn’t Billy G. He isn’t Tubby. He isn’t even Rick Pitino. Why would we set our expectations for Calipari based on Billy G? Do you know how stupid that sounds?

Fans like me have a bit of a different perspective. My expectations for Cal are very high. Why? Because he’s Cal. He is the king of recruiting and he’s one of the best coaches in the game. Let’s face facts: this isn’t going to last forever. One day Cal will retire and we will be searching for a successor. While we have Cal here I want to reap as many benefits as possible because who knows when the next time will be?

When Cal is our coach mediocrity isn’t OK. It’s just not. While we have Calipari here, we should undoubtedly be competing for titles, run the SEC, and win 30+ games a season. Sometimes things happen, injuries and others, I understand that.

However, I understand how rare and special Cal is. That doesn’t make me a spoiled fan, it means I understand what we have and I think we should use it to its full potential. You wouldn’t accept a McDonald’s hamburger if you ordered a steakhouse filet, would you? What we have here is special.

While Cal is here, we need to take full advantage and I won’t accept less than the best. You shouldn’t either. 


  1. Jessica, thanks for stepping up and putting the high expectations that the BBN has for this program into perspective. I would suggest however that mediocrity is NEVER acceptable for this program, regardless of the coach. Mediocrity is what we got from Tubby for years, and it was not and never should have been acceptable to the BBN. Enough has been said about the Gillispie experiment. Mediocrity was not the standard used by Coaches Rupp, Hall, Pitino, and in fact Sutton. It is also not the standard that Coach Calipari has ever even suggested.

    However, I agree that the BBN does expect, rightfully so, its program to be competitive on the national stage the vast majority of years, a standard that Coach Calipari has satisfied better than anyone could have predicted in March 2009 when he arrived. The point of departure between the BBN and Coach Calipari is, or will be, his inability to convert enough of those championship contenders into trophies. Final Four banners are essential, but so are Championship banners.

    I do not doubt for one minute that Coach Calipari is on the same page, but he really needs to deliver on this expectation again, and relatively soon. Finishing the job in 2015 would have silenced all of the BBN critics on this point, but that didn’t happen. So those critics still have a voice, and from my seat in the BBN convention, I hear that voice rising more now than it did a year ago.

  2. Yes our expectations is always high maybe too much demanding due to the fact it takes a little bit of luck to win it all. We had spell between 1978 through 1996 to win our next banner and it took another 12 years to the next one not counting how many times we been in the final four since 96 which is a pretty good track record compare to other big time schools. I think Cal has done hell’s CA job due to the he should have at least one or two national titles to his credit

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