Garrard County trio proud of 1,000-point career accomplishment

Sam Adams (left), Maddy Day (center) and Sis Logan are the first Garrard trio to have 1,000 points on the same team. (Scott Latham Photo)


When Garrard County juniors Maddy Day, Sis Logan and Sam Adams talked about the possibility of all three reaching 1,000 points during their senior season, Adams was the lowest scorer of the trio.

“I have always been pretty passive. I wasn’t sure if I would make it or not, but I remained optimistic,” said Adams.

It paid off as last week she did reach the 1,000-point plateau to join Day and Logan. Now they are the first Garrard trio on the same team ever to reach that mark.

“Actually making it to the 1,000-point mark is an amazing experience and I am blessed and also relieved to have been able to achieve it,” she said.

Adams has exactly 1,000 points going into Wednesday’s 45th District Tournament game against Lincoln County. Day leads the way with 1,145 points while Logan has 1,041.

Logan says reaching 1,000 points “meant everything” to her.

“The biggest thing that makes me proud of Maddy, Sam and myself is that through our entire basketball careers we have had a few different coaches but we still said focused on basketball and got things done,” Logan said.

Day had set the goal of reaching 1,000 points when she was in the eighth grade.

“It makes me proud to have finally reached such a huge goal, but I couldn’t have done it without my coaches and teammates,” Day said.

She says she’ll remember every shot she hit to make 1,000 points and how rare it is for three teammates to accomplish this feat.

“If it ever happens again, it will be a long time until then,” Day said.

Logan says she appreciates being able to experience this accomplishment with teammates she’s known for so long.

Adams agrees and said that “we’ve played together all our lives” and seen how much work they have all done to become 1,000-point scorers.

“I will remember how amazing it was that we got to achieve it together and were able to leave our mark on history,” Adams said.

Logan has one memory of her career that she’ll cherish.

“My biggest memory that I will never forget is scoring my 1,000th point on Senior Night,” Logan said.

Adams says her top memory would be going to Disney World with the basketball team.

“It was an amazing trip all around and I’m glad I got to experience that with them,” Adams said.

Day has two memories that stick out to her — the team’s holiday trip to Disney World or breaking a long losing streak at Boyle County this season.

“We had a 20-game district losing streak until we beat Boyle at Boyle this year. It was such an amazing feeling,” Day said.

Just like having three 1,000-point scorers on the same team for the first time in school history.

* * *

Garrard will play Lincoln County in the 45th District Tournament semifinals Wednesday night at Boyle County.

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