DeCourcy: Cats need Fox to “rip teams apart”

De’Aaron Fox (Vicky Graff Photo)


For Kentucky to get back to playing the way it was earlier this season, Sporting News columnist Mike DeCourcy thinks freshman point guard De’Aaron Fox has to return to the form he had earlier.

“De’Aaron Fox not been himself for two weeks,” said DeCourcy. “He is by far their most important player. Malik Monk is fantastic and can bail them out with the way he can score. But when they have Fox, you don’t have to get bailed out as much.”

Fox hurt his ankle against South Carolina. He played the next game at Tennessee — a Kentucky loss — and again against Kansas — another Kentucky loss. He did not play in Tuesday’s overtime win over Georgia because of an illness when Monk had 30 of his 37 points in the second half.

“His ankle was not 100 percent through that stretch (of two losses),” DeCourcy said. “Then he was ill for Tuesday’s game and you saw how important he was. Not that (Isaiah) Briscoe is not a fine point guard and could play for anybody, but Kentucky does not have the ability to rip teams apart with the fast break without Fox.

“Briscoe did some good things against Georgia but Kentucky just does not have the ability to run the other team off the floor without Fox.”


  1. Fox is a good player, but he needs to be Tyler Ulis. He will have to improve dramatically in the next month for this to happen. This team is the worse defensive team in the Cal era! Cal says that they could be the best he ever had. There is a long way to go to get there. Fortunately there is enough time to correct things. The new rules are making defense tough on all teams.

    I still have faith that Cal can make this work. We just cannot lose to many games until it happens. This years team lack the shot blockers of previous years and is really hurting us. That problem will be corrected next year.

  2. I think we might be getting set-up for a loss tomorrow. 1. We will have “sickness” to fall back on., 2. We have the curse of being projected to win it all this year by some folks, 3. We are not getting better as season moves on but many of our conference peers are. 4. Cal continues to be arrogant and stupid about employing the “zone defense” even though that started to turn us around last game. Not sure I have ever heard another coach make such stupid comments. Can you imagine what Rick Barnes and at least 4-5 other SEC coaches could do with our talent. Cal is perhaps the greatest recruiter of all time, but when it comes to x’s and o’s and in game adjustments etc. he is just another one.

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