Calipari to Briscoe: Be a man and “walk away” from on-court altercations

Isaiah Briscoe explains to coach John Calipari what happened on his technical foul. (Vicky Graff Photo)


John Calipari was not happy late in Saturday’s 76-66 win over Florida when sophomore Isaiah Briscoe was part of a double technical foul after a shoving incident with a Florida player after Briscoe called a timeout.

Calipari angrily ran on the court shouting at Briscoe, who calmly walked over to him to explain what happened.

“I didn’t want him to go back after — I saw the push. I didn’t see the first push (by Briscoe). I saw the push and I thought he called the technical on the kid. And I did not want him — you got to be a man in those situations and walk away,” Calipari said. “That’s what a man does. A child immediately has to go push back.

“When you just won. Why would you push back? Now you just lost. So I grabbed him, and he has a way at times, you say something to him, I’m a man, I’m not going to — what? No, you walk and we win the game and you laugh after the game.

“So that’s what I grabbed the ball for. I didn’t know there was a push and he was coming over to me telling me, look, I didn’t try to push him. So then I said you did push him then. Yeah, but I didn’t try. Okay. Try harder not to try. How about that one?”

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