Calipari: “They wanted it worse than we did.”

John Calipari (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky’s 22-point loss at Florida left a lot of disturbing questions for UK fans — and coach John Calipari as well.

The Cats seem to lack an on-court leader

“It’s kind of like hard to make the club in the tub. If you’re not playing well, it’s hard to say something. So we have a lot of guys that aren’t playing real well right now,” Calipari said.

“But, look, I’m going to go back to this: Florida outplayed us, outcoached us. They did everything sideways. It was a great environment. The new building looks great. They deserved to win. They wanted it worse than we wanted it, or at least it appeared that way.”

Calipari said he had little to say to his team after the game. Of course, what could he say after the way UK got dominated.

” I just said, hey, either you’ll get back to work and we’ll do this – I said I’m not crackin’. I’ve been doing this 30 years. I’ve seen everything. So, I’ll go back to figuring out what I have to do to coach them. Like I said, I’m not crackin’. I don’t know if anybody in here is, but I told a couple guys you’re not playing well,” Calipari said. “You gotta play better. And part of that is you’re trying to do stuff you don’t need to do.

“Sometimes you gotta hit bottom, and maybe we have hit bottom, maybe we haven’t hit bottom. But I knew after Tennessee we had an issue. I said, ‘You’re going to lose the next two or three if you don’t change.

“We’re not passing the ball, we’re turning it over, we’re making hard plays, we’re making cute plays. We kind of got away, and we gotta get it back. At the end of the day, we know how they can play because we’ve all seen it. Now we see them at their worst. OK, now it’s a choice: do you want to be at your worst, do you want to be at your best?”


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  1. Not sure that you haven’t already cracked coach or at least started the process. We had to suffer thru Poythress for a few years and now we have 3 just like him in Bam, Willis, and Humphries. They look the part but only play it when they feel like it or in Humphries case not at all. Cal continues to look past heart, fight, and passion when scoping out these recruits and targets mostly star ratings. We have no toughness….Cal has no toughness but plenty of bark. Wish Frank Martin coached this team. I like some “nasty” in the players and coaching staff. You still have to wonder what the coaching staff and team do during the week. To have all of this talent competing during the week and then rolling out Charmin when they hit the floor is hard to comprehend. What a difference a year makes…last year Briscoe couldn’t miss at the rim….this year he can’t hit.

  2. This team is just one “miracle” corner jump shot away from a four game losing streak, and as a numbers guy, this team is sinking as fast as a boulder cast into the ocean deeps. Calipari talks about hitting bottom, well if last night was not the bottom for this team, then we may as well pack it in regarding this bunch of freshmen and sophomores, and hope Calipari’s next reload have some interest in the success of the program. This group has no regard for the program or the BBN, None!! Did you see the frivolity on the bench among Briscoe, Monk, Fox, and Bam on the bench all laughing when we are getting our asses kicked. It was just another game, another AAU game, and the outcome is not even secondary, it is irrelevant to these kids.

    For the first time in several years, I am disgusted.

    1. About time, Professor

  3. You guys are spoiled to the success we have had. Sometimes it’s not to be , it’s like box of chocolate sometimes you didn’t get what you want. Comes to laughing and smiling it show you shouldn’t be down over a ball game. Smiling and laughing what makes the world go around THE SUN DID RISE TODAY

  4. No leadership or desire on the floor or on the bench; including coaches. Cal wants the players to “decide” how they should play – that’s his job. Briscoe is playing himself into another year at UK.

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