Calipari liked ‘hustle plays’ Cats made in win

Bam Adebayo (Vicky Graff Photo)

Here is what Kentucky coach John Calipari had to say about UK pulling out an 82-77 win over Georgia Saturday.

“I loved it. I loved it. We made free throws. We attacked. We didn’t look for easy plays,” Calipari said. “Every play was something at the rim, which was something we were begging the whole game, but the game got rough and these kids, they start fading away and shooting jumpers and going at a speed they know they can’t beat a man so they have to do something different.

“But I like the fact that De’Aaron missed two free throws and then came back and made eight in a row. I love the fact that Dom got his hands on a ball that Bam ran down and we called a timeout and score a basket.

“Those scramble plays, hustle plays. J.J. (Frazier) was ridiculous and controlled the whole game (for Georgia).  We had to trap him at the end just to make somebody else try to beat us. I had no choice because of what was going on. We just started sending people at him.”

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