Bam Adebayo:”Losing doesn’t feel good, so I’d like to be on the winning side”

Bam Adebayo (Vicky Graff Photo)


It’s been impossible for Bam Adebayo to forget Kentucky’s 22-point loss at Florida where the Gators physically manhandled UK, especially on the backboards.

“We came out lackadaisical,” said Adebayo. “I have no idea. We just came out slow and they came out hot. We just came out sloppy and they came out with intensity. That’s pretty much it.”

Adebayo says Kentucky has to come out with more intensity and be ready to play from the start against Florida Saturday afternoon and take control of the SEC race.

“Winning is everything, so we just want to win. Losing doesn’t feel good, so I’d like to be on the winning side,” Adebayo said.

So what can UK prove against Florida?

“Just that we just got fight, we got determination and we got heart,” Adebayo said obviously remembering that UK lacked all three at Florida. “We just all gotta have the right intensity, the right mindset. We gotta all be ready for the game.”

Adebayo admitted most college players are “eager” for the NCAA Tournament but that does not mean overlooking the final three regular-season games.

“The goal is to win, pretty much. If you look at it, a W’s a W no matter by 22 or by one,” Adebayo said.

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  1. Yes, winning or losing is why they keep score.

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