Without Cann, others had to “turn it up”

MacKenzie Cann (Brittney Howard/UK Athletics)


Kentucky does not have a deep roster this season and has not had Jessica Hardin in Southeastern Conference play as she recovers from a concussion.

The roster got a bit smaller on Thursday when Makenzie Cann was out sick. Kentucky still managed to rout Mississippi.

“We just thought she was sick. She was at practice Tuesday and everything seemed alright, and then she was feeling bad and went to the doctor and we thought maybe it was a cold or something,” said coach Matthew Mitchell after the game.

“It was the flu. So, she had to go home and quarantined – away from the team, and we found that out late yesterday afternoon. Not a lot of time to prepare without her and we tried to get (Makayla) Epps and Maci (Morris) ready to go when we had to go without (Alyssa) Rice and Evelyn (Akhator). Then we told Jaida (Roper) and Paige (Poffenberger) to be ready.

“Paige was sick and out Tuesday and wasn’t real well yesterday, so when she made that 15-foot jumper it was a good contribution and she had some great passes tonight. So, everybody just turned it up, played hard and we were aggressive. We had been working on trying to work against pressure and our preparation really helped us tonight.”


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