With way he scores, Bam Adebayo needs to demand ball more

Bam Adebayo (Photo by Chet White | UK Athletics)


After Kentucky beat South Carolina Saturday, UK coach John Calipari joked that freshman cetner Bam Adebayo should “strangle” teammates if they don’t get him the ball more.

He’s 21-for-28 from the field in the last six games and has not missed more than two shots in any game. However, he’s also 34-for-47 at the foul line in those same six games and has shot 10 or more free throws in four of those games.

That means he’s getting more shots but just being fouled on some of them. Still, no reason not to get him the ball more.

“I mean, he obviously wants the ball, and we all want the ball, but we’re taught to be so unselfish and it’s a team thing here. It’s not about what am I doing for myself,” sophomore center Isaac Humphries said. “That’s what we’ve been instilled with from day one. Honestly, I think it’s just that. I think it’s just the unselfishness of our team, everyone is happy for each other, whether we’re scoring or not.

“When the ball is thrown in the post something good happens, so why wouldn’t we continuously do that? It comes from specifically what you’re talking about: Bam calling for the ball more and stuff like that. So, I think just demanding it and wanting it helps all of us because it creates everything for everyone else.”

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