What Commodores had to say about UK

Riley LeChance (Vicky Graff Photo)

Here is what two Vanderbilt players had to say after Tuesday night’s loss to Kentucky.

Vanderbilt Guard Riley LaChance

On Coach Cal’s compliment of only having 7 turnovers:
“I thought we did a good job of standing up for ourselves even though they were pressuring us. I looked down and noticed I had four of those so everyone else did a really good job and I need to get better in that aspect. The guys did a good job of making extra passes, moving the ball, and we didn’t let them get us out of our comfort zone.”

On being down 9-0 in the beginning and having to come back from that:
“It’s a game of runs. We either are going to make runs or not. They are a really good team and we had to put some stops on them.”

On driving the ball down the center more than in previous games:
“Their defense was trying to run me off the three-point line a little bit and I thought I had an advantage with them being so big and our screens forcing them to switch around a lot so I tried to use my quickness to get down to the hole.”

On the looks they got in the game and their three-point percentage:
“Yeah, we definitely got some good lucks, especially down the stretch. We are proud of the way we played and that we shot the ball well but down the stretch we got to make more of those shots to win.

Vanderbilt Forward Luke Kornet

On what one can take away from playing such a highly ranked team:
“I think just being prepared in the way we were for today and having that consistency of effort, and especially with them running around like that, being able to stick to the game plan and be confident with the ball throughout the game. You can’t ever get that discouraged feeling, you got to keep playing through everything. I thought we did a good job of following the game plan and doing what we wanted to do. Even with that early run, everyone did a good job of being committed to what we were trying to achieve.”

On the importance of experience vs a team of freshman:
“I think it is important more for some people than others. I remember being a freshman and playing Florida when they were number 1. If the game hasn’t really slowed down for you yet then it can definitely be an issue. But I think for all of us and all of the guys, we’ve played those kind of games before and we just got to keep our focus and not be overwhelmed by the moment.”

On whether this is a good feeling of holding your own against a highly ranked team or if the loss still hurts:
“We are still angry that we lost.”

On the last 3:12 in the game and the fact that they didn’t get a stop and improvements to be made:
“Our zone. We kind of had some issues of sealing them inside and they were bale to get shots off of the baseline. They also got some nice drives against the zone. We also let up some offensive rebounds which we hand’t really been doing the whole game but they came up there for a couple at the end. So I think we gave up some offensive rebounds late, which would of been good for us. Also, they were just driving in and making shots and we were trying to play without fouling.”


  1. It is commendable for LaChance to feel proud of his team coming back from a 9-0 hole, but anyone who really watched the game knew what changed the momentum. Four quick touch fouls on Monk and Fox, and the court became a more level playing field. Without those, UK would have been on one of their patented big runs. Memorial magic certainly affects the way the game is called. I will give the refs some credit, the game evened out some in the second half.

  2. In typical SEC fashion the two best players got two fouls basically in the first 2 minutes. That always makes the game a LOT closer. The 9-0 run, just as TrueBlueJohn said, was the way the game would have gone without the meddling refs. The game was a travesty of the sport. The fact it took 3 hours to complete should tell the entire story. Yes Vandy got in foul trouble too but not on key players like Monk and Fox. Sometimes I really hate the SEC. They do this all the time to keep UK from running away with the league. It’s wrong. I don’t care about their ratings or their money. I want to see pure basketball and we do NOT see it in the SEC.

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