Stoops on UK fans: “I thank them for coming”

UK fans were everywhere in Jacksonville.


One reason many speculated that Kentucky might have got the TaxSlayer Bowl invitation was because of the way UK fans supported the team.

Even though UK lost Saturday, Big Blue fans did their part and future bowl officials will notice just like Kentucky coach Mark Stoops did after the loss to Georgia Tech.

” I thought it was an absolutely incredible environment. So pleased for our team and for our fan base to see that kind of support. It’s just fun to be a part of,” Stoops said.

“I’ve said it a long time, I feel an obligation to put a product on the field that our fan base is proud of. We’re going to build on this. We need the stadium filled. We have a bunch of good players that it means a great deal to play at a high level for them because they feel the effects, they feel the positive energy. How can you not?

“You walk around this city this week, you walk around our hotel, our luncheon the other day, our fans are exceptional. I thank them for coming. I wish we’d have played a little better. I promise you we’ll get back at it and we’ll have a very good football team next year. I thank them for their support. They’ve been phenomenal.”


  1. Was Louisville overrated? I am thinking yes.

  2. Yep!

  3. To say that Louisville was overrated takes away from UK’s win over them IMO. Louisville was a very good football team, but they lost their soul after Clemson beat them in death valley. That was a hard fought game that Louisville should have won. Clemson could very well be the national champion in a day or two. Louisville was never the same after that loss. That said, UK’s win over them at Louisville was a validation of this UK program under Stoops, and probably saved his bacon. It was a crushing loss for Louisville and that was a final nail in a season that got away from the Cards, despite the big trophy going to LJ.

    The loss against GaTech Sat, however, left me scratching my head again. I think UK went into that bowl game either unprepared or over confident, or both, and it showed. UK looked dis-jointed all day long until the 4th quarter rally which was to little to late. Tech came to play, and was clearly the better team, and Stoops and his coaches got out coached again on national TV. I got back on the Stoops train after the 7-5 season, and I’m still on it for now. UK has most of the 2 deep back next year, and probably a top 25 recruiting class in 2017 shaping up, so things are looking pretty good. With that said, a loss like Sat against Tech never helps in program building. It left a bad taste.

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