Self on Adebayo: “He’s a monster”

Bam Adebayo (Photo by Barry Westerman | UK Athletics)


If Kentucky has an edge going into Saturday night’s showdown with Kansas in Rupp Arena it might be at center with Bam Adebayo.

Kansas suspended big man Carlton Bragg Thursday for violation of team rules and lacks a true star in the middle.

Kansas coach Bill Self knows what his team faces against Adebayo.

“Oh God, yeah, he’s a monster. I think he’s continuing to get better and better. That’s what I meant, there’s some other key things going on as well, but certainly not allowing him to catch it at two or three feet, because then he does such a good job of going over and through you to get to the basket,” Self said.

“I don’t know what he ended up (with) against Tennessee – I don’t know his stats – but he’s continuing to score the ball more and it seems like to me the guys are throwing it to him more, and they’re developing more of a low-post presence offensively as the season progresses. Obviously, he’s a big key.”

Kentucky lost at Tennessee Tuesday but Kansas also lost at West Virginia the same night.

“It’s going to be a great environment, I’m sure, and one which will definitely test our poise and our toughness,” Self said. “I’m just looking forward to seeing how we’ll react. We did not react favorably (at West Virginia on Tuesday) – although I will say this, if you had told me going into the game we’d be up one with seven minutes left at West Virginia, I would say that’s not the worst thing that would every happen.

“Obviously, they whipped us down the stretch. The last two media timeouts they put it on us good. My goal is to go over there and to play well. We certainly expect to do that, and to play with a free mind and see what happens.”

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