Malik Monk one of Vitale’s Midseason Super Six

Malik Monk (Vicky Graff Photo)


Since he was doing a midseason college basketball teleconference with media members, ESPN analyst Dick Vitale thought Wednesday would be a perfect time to unveil his Midseason Super Six — six players he thinks have been “great” for their teams this season.

“May not be the best player per se, but these six guys have really stood out to me,” said Vitale.

He has Kentucky freshman Malik Monk on the Super Six.

“I gave him the slightest edge because of that 47-point game (against North Carolina). I can’t get that game out of my mind. I think that’s one of the unbelievable forms — I remember one game was unreal, Madison Square Garden.  I was at Seton Hall as Oscar Robinson put 56 on the board. Seton Hall scored 54 and they scored like 100 points. I’m certainly undermining what Oscar did, but 47 in a game where you need every point to win against an elite dominant team like Carolina, that to me is off the charts,” Vitale said.

Others on the team are:

Dwayne Bacon, Florida State: ” I love his game, he’s been terrific for them, performance against Virginia was off the charts.”

Alonzo Ball, UCLA: “His versatility, his size, his passing ability, his ability to get the ball to the right people is special.

Frank Mason, Kansas: “They don’t win like they’ve been winning without the unbelievable play of Frank Mason on the perimeter, veteran player, 20 points a night.”

Caleb Swanigan, Purdue: “You go to a kid down at Purdue, gets no publicity. He’s had four 20-20 games, Caleb Swanigan has been unbelievable for the Boilermakers.”

Josh Hart, Villanova: “You’ve got to look at Villanova, why they’re where they’re at, and it’s the performance, the leadership, the ability of Josh Hart.”


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