Kansas just “another game” to Dominique Hawkins

Dominique Hawkins (Vicky Graff Photo)


As a senior, guard Dominique Hawkins understands the one game at a time approach. He made that clear Friday.

Kentucky and Kansas, the nation’s two winningest programs, play Saturday night in Rupp Arena.
“As a team, we’re just looking at it as another game right now. But we know that it’s going to be crazy in Rupp Arena and everybody’s attention is going to be on it,” said Hawkins.

Okay. But doesn’t ESPN GameDay being in Lexington make the game special?

“It’s probably motivation for a lot of other people, but I just look at it as another game. I feel like a lot of people view our games and are watching on TV as well, but this one’s just going to get a little bit more extra attention,” Hawkins said. “It’s going to be crazy in Rupp, probably the loudest of the season, but just take it one game at a time.”

Let’s try this. What about the probability that UK has to win this game to earn a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament?

“I just think we need to come into the game relaxed and just play the game that we’ve been playing early on during the season. Whatever will happen at the end is what’s going to happen,” Hawkins said.

Okay. Last try. How important is it to bounce back from the loss at Tennessee Tuesday?

“We’re just going to take it as another game. We know that everybody’s attention is on it. It’s a big game to everybody else, but it’s just another game for us, a regular-season game, and we just want to come out and compete,” Hawkins said.


  1. Dominique has responded to his 4 years of training very well, and has learned how to respond to these questions, no doubt about it. However, games against Kansas, UCLA, UNC, Louisville, Michigan State, …. are not just any game. These are the games that define teams at UK and these other schools. These are the games that will define this season.

    Getting a #1 seed is very important, and winning on Saturday will be a huge step in that direction, and a loss Saturday will make a #1 seed in March much less certain because UK will probably have to have help down the road to get there.

    These games are why players choose to play at UK, UNC, KU, UCLA, UL, Duke, ….

    This is it.

    Yeah, it is just another game. Right.

  2. Heard there were some ego among the players the other nite during the timeouts. That’s not good to have if we’re gonna go far it takes a team to get there..

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