De’AaronFox studying Tyler Ulis to become more disruptive on defense

Vicky Graff Photo


As good as De’Aaron Fox has been his freshman season, Kentucky coaches are using former UK point guard Tyler Ulis to show him what he can do defensively to have an even bigger impact.

“We’ve been watching some tape with De’Aaron of Tyler Ulis specifically on the defensive end of the floor. Just thinking back to Tyler he was just a difference maker defensively, even at his size,” Kentucky assistant coach Tony Barbee said.

“He disrupted anything any other team tried to do. So we’re trying to get De’Aaron to see the game defensively in that same way. If you can get him to that level being 6-3, 6-4, long arms, athletic, quick, smart, intelligent – all those things – then he can take his game to a different level, too.”

Barbee joked that Ulis was a “two-year veteran” — a rarity at Kentucky.

“De’Aaron has those instincts as well, and then it helps that he has Isaiah Briscoe next to him in those situations. De’Aaron’s developing. Isaiah’s instinctual in that way so both of those guys have made us effective in those pressure situations,” Barbee said.

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