Billy Kennedy on Isaiah Briscoe: “He’s one of those kids you want to have on your team”

Isaiah Briscoe (Vicky Graff Photo)


At Mississippi Thursday, Isaiah Briscoe had a triple double. Against Texas A&M in Rupp Arena Tuesday, he went 3-for-3 from 3-point range and had 13 points, seven assists and one rebound in the 100-58 victory.

“Isaiah’s doing it on his own, trying to master his own craft, but he’s doing good. He’s still getting too many shots blocked. I’m telling him he’s leading the nation in shots blocked and not blocked,” Kentucky coach John Calipari said.

Briscoe was 5-for-9 from the field overall Tuesday but did miss two shots near the rim.

“He’s playing well. He’s making free throws, he’s — I was going to put him back in so he could get the triple double, and then I looked and said, ‘Can you get nine rebounds in three minutes?'”
 Calipari said

So I asked Calipari what Briscoe sad.

“I will,” Calipari laughed and said.

Texas A&M coach Billy Kennedy came away impressed with Briscoe in a big way.

“I love him. He’s one of those kids you want to have on your team because he plays on both ends of the floor,” Kennedy said.

It was obvious Texas A&M was going to give Briscoe open 3-point shots from the start. When he made his first one, even players on the Texas A&M bench seemed surprised.

“When he is making shots, that’s what we game planned to live with. When he’s doing that, they can win it all. I know Coach Cal doesn’t want to hear that, but when he’s a weapon offensively like he was today, I don’t know how you defend it,” Kennedy said.

Briscoe didn’t over react to what Kennedy said.

“Thanks for the credit. Texas A&M’s a great team. They had a good coach. We respected them coming into the game and knowing that our defense was going to be key. We came out on fire. The crowd was into it. We were into it. We were just playing with incredible energy and I think that’s who we are as a team. I think we’re a defensive team that on offense we just play,” Briscoe said.

Briscoe said he felt he was “due for a good shooting game” because of the work he’s put in to improve his shot.

“I’m doing what I gotta do. I’m doing what I gotta do for my team to win. Whether people say it, that doesn’t really bother me (about his shooting). It never did. They can say what they want. I’m just out here trying to help my team win,” Briscoe said.


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