47 years ago Pete Maravich had 55 points in loss to Kentucky

Terry Mills (21) guarding Pete Maravich — and elevating better than Cameron Mills ever did.


One advantage to hosting The Leach Report is researching what happened on this date in Kentucky sports history.

And today, January 24th, is a biggie.

It was back in 1970 that Kentucky beat LSU 109-96 in Memorial Coliseum in Lexington where the teams combined for 163 shots. But Kentucky won a lot at Memorial under coach Adolph Rupp and went 26-2 that year.

No, what made this game special was that Pete Maravich scored 55 points against UK. He was 21 of 44 from the field and 13 of 15 at the foul line.

Kentucky won because Dan Issel had 35 points on 14 of 23 shooting and also had 10 rebounds. Larry Steele had a double-double with 17 points and 11 rebounds. Mike Pratt contributed 19 points and six rebounds.

But guess who was UK’s second leading scorer that game? It was Terry Mills with 22 points (he also had four rebounds). That was a career high for Mills, the father of former Cat Cameron Mills.

Of course, this game was ho-hum compared to the one about a month later at LSU when UK won 121-105 but Maravich had 64 points by making 23 of 42 shots and 18 of 22 free throws.

But Issel was unreal, too. He had 51 points on 19 of 33 shooting from the field and 13 of 17 free throws. He also grabbed 17 rebounds.

Pratt had  27 points, Tom Parker 18 and Mills 14.


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