Which team has more riding on UK-Louisville game this year?

Larry Glover says pressure continues to build on Rick Pitino to beat Kentucky. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Who has more riding on Wednesday’s Kentucky-Louisville game in Louisville?

That’s a question I asked several state media members who cover the Kentucky basketball team regularly as the Cats get set for the annual Bluegrass Battle.

Enjoy the answers:

Jeff Drummond, Publisher All-Wildcats.com: “I think it’s got to be Kentucky. The Cats are going to be a solid, if not heavy, favorite in this one. The Cards will be able to play with a nothing-to-lose mindset at home. With a loss to UCLA and some tricky non-conference matchups with North Carolina and Kansas looming, the Cats may feel a bit of pressure in this one with an eye on March seeding.”

Tom Leach, UK Radio Network/Leach Report: “It’s a close but I’ll say Louisville because the game is on their court and losing at home usually hurts a team’s reputation more than a road loss.”
Larry Glover, WVLK LarryGloverLive: “I think UofL has more on the line.  Honestly, this rivalry has been so one-sided since Cal arrived in Lexington that the pressure is really building on Pitino to get a win.”

Keith Taylor, Kentucky Forward/Northern Kentucky Tribune: “I think Louisville has more riding on the game this year because of its recent lack of success in the series. Kentucky has won 9 of the last 10 games between the two rivals and John Calipari is 8-1 against the Cards.

Mark Buerger, WLAP Sunday Morning Sports: “Until Louisville starts winning this one occasionally, they will always have more riding on it.  Besides that, that’s a program that could use ANY good news about now.”

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  1. I work for a Louisville based company and after we spanked them in football, the first thing I heard was “So I guess that means we win the basketball game this year”. Their fans seem desperate for a victory Wednesday night. Losing both would most likely send them in search of alcohol, aroma therapy and anger management counseling. I hope we beat them like a drum. Then… after LSU mops the field with them and we beat Tech on the 31st, they’ll be appropriately subdued while ringing in the new year, comfortably in their place as little brother.

  2. I am with the majority here in that I feel that Louisville has much more to lose. They are so starved for something positive to happen in their athletic program, and this would be another nail in their coffin if they lose. I used to kind of root for them when they weren’t playing UK, but that has all changed in the past few years. Until they clean house, starting with their AD, I don’t see how anyone could have any kind of loyalty to UL Jurich has sold the university’s soul for the sake of winning, and until he is gone, they won’t be able to recover their integrity.

  3. Thanks to Malik Monk’ heroics on Saturday, the Cards have much more pressure entering this war than the Cats.

    Will this be slick rick’s swan song against the Cats? I think it could be.

  4. If they have not fired Pitino by now after the “hooker” scandal and his own transgressions, he’ll survive, IMO, to live out his days as the head coach of the Cards, and forever a traitor to UK. It doesn’t look like the NCAA will do anything to Louisville basketball. Pitino threw McGee under the bus. As for football, BP quit on them and left for greener pastures years ago, but got hired back after his fall from grace at Arkansas, and his begging for a football job anywhere. UL cheated against Wake Forrest apparently, from what I read about it. Their President was forced out by the Kentucky Govenor, and Jurich is win at all costs, and the hell with everybody else. I see a pattern here. What a sorry bunch. I hope UK kills em Wednesday!

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