UK fans seem fine with Calipari posing with Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson

John Calipari posted this photo on Twitter with Louisville QB Lamar Jackson.

John Calipari posted this photo on Twitter with Louisville QB Lamar Jackson.


Kentucky coach John Calipari and Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson together in a photo on Twitter — and enjoying it?

Yes, it happened today when the two were both guests on the Dan Patrick Show in New York. Jackson received the Heisman Trophy on Saturday night in New York and Calipari stayed over after UK beat Hofstra Sunday afternoon in Brooklyn.

“I know some of the #BBN is going to be mad I took this, but what a great kid,. And he’s the Heisman Trophy winner!!” Calipari posted on Twitter along with the picture of the two of them. Calipari also joked on Twitter that he asked the sophomore if “you have another year to come back?” to Louisville.

Maybe some UK fans were upset. But those two tweeted me seemed fine with Calipari and Jackson together — and should have been.

sghensley22 @embalmerswife: “he is an amazing talent, nothing but respect from this UK fan! He deserves it #BBN #WeAreUK #respect”

Kevin Mudd @katdaddy0521: “HA! The ul fans are the ones imploding right now. Therefore I like. ;)”

Terry M @mydadslegacy: “why upset? Hell of a player that KY beat. Progress is judged by the # of successes over great teams and athletes. 🖒

Paul Fields @PaulFields13  “you know what Larry, some will and they forget he is just a 19 yr old kid, playing a game. Great for football in the STATE”

Connie L Allen @ColConnie: “@UKCoachCalipari seeing his OLine these last 2 games kinda makes him look even better”


  1. What ever Cal wants to do, ought to be fine with BBN.

    1. What TrueBlue John said.

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