Stoops, staff all-in with recruiting right now

Mark Stoops will spend most of this week recruiting. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Mark Stoops will spend most of this week recruiting. (Vicky Graff Photo)


While Kentucky fans are making plans for the Dec. 31 TaxSlayer Bowl, coach Mark Stoops and his staff have been busy recruiting since the season-ending win over Louisville.

Kentucky hosted 16f high profile recruits over the weekend and Stoops even met with one recruit before holding his Monday press conference.

“It was a really good weekend, a lot of good players, a great reception, and some guys were committed. Some aren’t. So, you know, we’re working through it,” Stoops said. “But it’s been a good week. It’s always an exciting time. It’s a busy time to get done with that last victory and hit the ground running, so I was gone all week.

“I left last Sunday early and got back Friday. Actually had to leave last night and was out of town for the night, came back this morning. Gonna have this press conference. Met with another recruit this morning, and going to have a team meeting at 2:00, and leave right after that. Leave about 2:30, 3:00 o’clock again today.”

Stoops said with players preparing for finals and also needing some time off, practice won’t resume until Friday.

“All the coaching staff is primarily recruiting at this time, except the guys that are not allowed to recruit and they’re here breaking down Georgia Tech,” Stoops said. “So that part of it is easy. It gives us a few weeks to really concentrate on recruiting. We have to. We only have two weeks to get in front of kids in December, so we’ll do that and we’ll be recruiting for the most part these two weeks and then when we get back this weekend, we’ll start our bowl preparation. We’ll start our bowl practices this weekend.

Playing a bowl game in Florida on New Year’s Eve could help recruiting.

“It can’t hurt. It’s good for our players that are from there. They’re excited about it, and that always helps with the other kids,” Stoops said


  1. I know a lot of fans were pulling for s Nashville or Memphis Bowl, I wanted to go Bowling in Florida. The other bowls would have been close and easier to go to, but we need the better bowl in Florida on New Year’s Eve. This will give us better exposure, and help recruiting in the State of Florida! I love it! GO CATS!!!!!

    1. Need some more 4 and 5 stars. Need a top SEC recruiting class in 2017.

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