Mercer Lady Titans’ dream trip to Phoenix for Nike Tournament of Champions turns into nightmare with Frontier Airlines

Mercer Lady Titans with no Frontier Airlines flight out of Cincinnati to Phoenix today.


This was supposed to be a huge week for the Mercer County Lady Titans basketball team. The Titans were invited to play in the prestigious Nike Tournament of Champions in Phoenix — an invitation only event. It’s considered one of the nation’s premier high school events.

For about a year, the team and parents had been raising money to make the trip. Sunday a group of 60 including players down to the middle school team, coaches and parents arrived in Cincinnati early to board a Frontier Airlines flight to Phoenix.

But guess what? Before the team was scheduled to depart, the flight was cancelled after coach Chris Souder said his group had been given “a lot of misinformation” about what was wrong.

Okay, things happen. However, when a Mercer representative was first in line to reschedule, she was told because of the size of the group she would have to go another location to make changes. Before she could get there and get answers, that same information spot that sent her away managed to find spots for others on today’s flight on a Monday flight. But the Titans were told sorry, nothing until Tuesday maybe. And if you want a refund, we’ll get it to you in 10 days or more.

Now the Titans are scrambling to find various flights to get them to Phoenix. So far the best Souder has been able to do is get flights — and the key here is flights, not flight — for Tuesday. That means the team has to forfeit its Monday night game and hopefully get enough players there to play on Tuesday.

Here’s a statement Souder released this afternoon to update fans about the trip:

“Frontier would not work with us getting our Lady Titans to Phoenix today. The earliest we will be able to get to Phoenix is Tuesday. We will have to forfeit our game Monday and will be scheduled to play Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This is extremely disappointing for our team, coaches and family members. We have worked really hard for this opportunity and we were looking forward to representing Mercer County and Kentucky in this prestigious national event. We will be ready to go on Tuesday when the wheels touch down in Phoenix. Thank you for all the support, tweets of encouragement and prayers.”

Still, what a horrible way for Frontier Airlines to treat 60 paying customers who have had reservations for a long time. No compassion. No understanding. No information.

Instead, Frontier Airlines turned into the Grinch Who Stole Phoenix from the Mercer Lady Titans and someone at that airline should be ashamed of the way this group was treated today.

Tweet them at @FrontierCare and @FlyFrontier and let them know what you think of the way this airline does business.

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