Johnson’s mental progress key to his QB development

Stephen Johnson (Keith Taylor Photo)

Stephen Johnson (Keith Taylor Photo)


The numbers have steadily improved for quarterback Stephen Johnson, but offensive coordinator says that is because the UK quarterback has grown mentally to where he makes quicker decisions to get the Cats out of bad situations.

“At Louisville he got us some great first downs. I think that’s where he’s evolved: His target, him being more accurate. The long ball has been unbelievable, but then you saw in the Louisville game we hit some third-and-mediums that were really crucial. So, I really love the way he’s kind of started to get better at those types of things and decisions.”

Johnson has no trouble with deep throws.Instead, intermediate passes have been at issue much more often. That was no surprise to Gran.

“I think when you know where to go with the ball quickly, I think everything is right. When you’re torqued a different way and then all of the sudden he knows he’s over here and he tries to throw it over here, there’s a lot of things technique-wise that he gets better at when he knows where to go with it,” Gran said.

“So, he’s always had that; it’s just him learning it. Heck, it was only his ninth game or whatever. He’s just going to continue to get better, and if he does that he’s got a chance to be a pretty darn good.”


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  1. A team needs a QB that can move the chains, a confident leader, an athlete. Johnson gives UK that. He made a big difference in Gran’s offense once he was inserted. I think he will only get better going forward.

    1. Agreed on all counts LP. That young man is something special. What a pleasant surprise this season has been. It’s one I will never forget. Semper Fi to you my friend snd…
      GO CATS !!!!!!!!

      1. Norman, thanks my friend. Go Cats.

  2. Its important to have a dual threat QB. Johnson def got better as the season progressed and the win over UL should only help his confidence grow. Gran and Hinshaw have helped Stephen a lot as well. I can’t wait to see what he can do in year two.

  3. We owe Gran and Hinshaw a huge debt of gratitude for recruiting Johnson. I don’t know where this season would have gone without him.

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