Guest post: No more bets for “Mrs. UCLA Basketball”


Losing is hard. I hate to lose. At anything. I especially hate when my teams lose. It takes me a while to get over a Kentucky Wildcat loss.

This loss against UCLA has a little extra sting to it. I have a friend who is a UCLA fan. Last year we made a friendly wager that we had to change our picture on twitter to the other team if our team lost.

We know how that went. Kentucky dropped a game in LA and I had to change my picture to a UCLA Bruin for a week. This year we decided to bet again. I was feeling extra confident. Rupp Arena, Fox, Monk, Bam, a senior Derek Willis.

“No way are we losing that game,” I thought. Feeling so confident, I sent a message to my friend that is UCLA fan. I asked him to up the bet. This year, I proposed, we set the picture on twitter for TWO weeks AND we change our name to something to do with the other team.

In the weeks and days leading up to the game, I taunted my friend and even told him I had a picture ready for him. No way would I ever lose this bet. Then Saturday, December 3rd rolled around. The Cats abandoned defensive efforts and gave up 97 points to UCLA. That stung.

Now, the sting lives on as my picture on twitter is a Bruin. Typically, on twitter, I’m known as “Mrs. Basketball,” but for 2 weeks I’ll be known as “Mrs. UCLA Basketball.”

That stings. I’ve even lost followers because of my picture and name. The reminder of that painful loss will live on, for at least 2 weeks. I’m sure my friend will never let me forget it either. No more bets for me this year.

Go Cats!

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