Guest post: Help make sure Big Four Bridge in Louisville turns blue


Will it be RED or will it be BLUE? Let the fans decide!  

Fans can decide what color the Big Four Bridge in Louisville will be. Blue or red for the Kentucky versus Louisville game Wednesday.

Choose the color you want, BLUE, and then donate to the fundraiser — you can choose another amount at the bottom.

We cannot have the bridge red. We have to show them who has the best fans….

The Big Four Bridge is a former railroad bridge that connects Louisville to Southern Indiana as a walking bridge.

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  1. Thanks Larry, the money will be use for some maintenance of the Great Lawn by the river and the Bridge…The Gov. cut funds for the upkeep of both. We can do this. When I first saw it it was $49 uofl and we only had about $20…we are now winning $419 to $159…We can do this!!!

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