Guest post: Fan won’t leave UK games early and disappoint players or herself

Susan Mustian knew at age 10 she wanted to attend UK and won't leave any UK game early.

Susan Mustian knew at age 10 she wanted to attend UK and won’t leave any UK game early.

Vaught’s note: Susan Mustian is president-elect of the UK Alumni Association and a 1984 Kentucky graduate. I asked her to share her story about being a UK fan — and one who  never leaves a game until it is over no matter the score. I think you are really going to enjoy this.



I’m not a native Kentuckian but I’m adopted by Kentucky. I was born and raised in Charleston, West Virginia. But when the love of horses as a child brought me to Lexington I knew at age 10 I wanted to attend UK.

And as a sports fan, especially a basketball fan (father and brother were high school players) Kentucky was most definitely the school for me; so much so that in the late 70’s I would stay up to watch tape delayed games after the 11:30 p.m. local news on Huntington TV stations.

I became a spoiled (and lucky) fan my freshman year.  A friend from the dorm (who remains a close friend to this day) had access to her parent’s season tickets at Rupp. She always needed someone to join her for games and I always seemed to volunteer. And when you were her guest you were expected to watch every minute. And I was happy to comply. Did I mention they were second row off the floor behind the press table? It wasn’t until the next year when I sat in the upper level student section did I fully appreciate her seats and the view I experienced.

After graduating from UK I married my college sweetheart; he actually proposed in Commonwealth Stadium’s parking lot where we had our first kiss. So of course my love of and for UK deepened further. His career moved us eight times in the first 18 years of marriage (including three different countries in Asia) and the UK alumni family was always with us on that journey.  While living abroad I had friends and family mail videos of games; despite knowing the outcome I watched them from start to finish. Today it’s not unusual for me to re-watch games on the DVR… admittedly only ones we win.

Susan Mustian

Susan Mustian

My involvement and participation with the UK Alumni Association has enabled me to stay connected and engaged with my university and eventually gave me the opportunity to attend football and basketball games each year as a membership benefit. I even attended   “that game of that coach whose name shall not be mentioned from that school 50 minutes west of Lexington” on December 29, 2001 and enjoyed watching his defeat at the hands of UK. Twelve hours later my family and I boarded a plane for our move to Hong Kong but I was not going to miss THAT game.

To this day I feel fortunate for the opportunity to attend games so I stay until the end. Even when the outcome is obvious I can’t bring myself to leave early. Somehow I feel I would be disappointing the players or maybe disappointing myself by missing out.
If my husband had known I was going to write this blog he would have taken a photo of me as the last person in Row N, Section 36 at the December 3rd UCLA game while he patiently waited at the top of the stairs hoping to beat traffic. 
That game did not survive the DVR.

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  1. Glad someone else stays till the end. My wife has gotten used to staying with me till the sometimes bitter end, or sometimes sweet ending. It has gotten funny when some ppl at my wife’s work ask her if we stayed to see the end in certain games. She just laughs and says “why yes, Gene isn’t going to leave”

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