Florida bowl game has to help Kentucky recruiting in Florida

Mark Stoops says playing a bowl game in Florida has to help recruiting. (John Showalter Photo)

Mark Stoops says playing a bowl game in Florida has to help recruiting. (John Showalter Photo)


Any bowl appearance should help recruiting. But a bowl game in Florida could have even bigger benefits for Kentucky as the Cats try to attract even more players from that state.

Kentucky plays Georgia Tech Dec. 31 at 11 a.m. in the TaxSlayer Bowl in Jacksonville.

“I was just down there the last couple weeks and everybody is really excited about BBN. A lot of good talk, a lot of – people are really excited. So yeah, it doesn’t hurt  (recruiting) at all,” offensive coordinator Eddie Gran said Friday.

Head coach Mark Stoops had the same message Thursday during an appearance at the TaxSlayer Bowl.

“Recruiting is going exceptionally well for us. We’re off to another great start this year; hopefully we can close very well. We have quite a few players from the Florida area so hopefully we can continue recruiting down south,” Stoops said.

“I spent quite a bit of time here in Florida coaching at three different Florida schools so I’m familiar with the talent in this area. We recruit exceptionally hard in Kentucky, we’ve done very well in Ohio, but yes we need to branch out a bit and cover quite a bit of ground. We’re excited, its going well and we’re excited about trying to close here.”

Gran said the extra 15 days of practice that bowl teams get will also benefit UK.

“You’ve got these young guys that you got a chance to develop and get better, and then these seniors got a chance to go out. Guys that are coming back, you’re going there to win the game and you got a chance to go forward into the winter conditioning,” Gran said.

“And it’s huge to have some momentum and that confidence. So I think they’re huge. And at the same time, they get the opportunity to go and enjoy themselves for their hard work.”

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  1. A lot of my friends were pulling for the Music City Bowl, but i told them from the start we needed the best Bowl possible for our program. They were being selfish in a easy trip to see the Cats play in Nashville. I know we got the best Bowl for us by going to Jacksonville on New year’s Eve! It has to help recruiting and will give us more exposure. I am thrilled with our Bowl game. Now let’s just win.. GO CATS!!!

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