Eliot: Criticism didn’t change UK defense’s approach

D.J. Eliot

D.J. Eliot


Now that Kentucky is 7-5 and headed to the Taxslayer Bowl Dec. 31, one might think that defensive coordinator D.J. Eliot might have a few thoughts about who those — including ESPN analyst Lee Corso — who trashed UK’s defense early in the season.

Think again.

 “I don’t really listen to that stuff and I don’t think our players do either. We just sort of concentrate on one day at a time and trying to get better. When I was at Florida State, they said we were the best, you know what I mean? So none of that really changes our approach or our process or our belief in what we’re doing good or bad,” Eliot said Saturday.

“And we just concentrate on one day at a time, one play at a time and right now I think our players are really emphasizing what they need to do to defend Georgia Tech. It’s going to be a very difficult challenge for us.”

Eliot doesn’t want anyone satisfied with what the defense has done or feel there has been vindication for the defense’s slow start this season.

“I hope there’s no ‘This is the end of the road’ kind of thing. I want to make sure we’re always moving forward and that we approach one day at a time and that we don’t sit back and think that we’ve arrived. And you also don’t want to believe that you’re never going to get out of a whole either,” Eliot said.

“So on both ends, I think it’s important that a player and a coach just continues to work on the process and you don’t fall behind on what you need to do each day, no matter what the outside sources are saying, whether it’s good or bad.

“If you fall behind on what your process is and what you need to accomplish each day, then you’re never gonna reach your goals as a player or a coach.”

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