Don’t ask Calipari what daughters, son got him for Christmas

John Calipari (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky coach John Calipari really is not a grinch. Or is he?

During Wednesday’s media opportunity, Calipari was asked this simple question — what did he get for Christmas?

“What did I get for Christmas? Well the girls got me – what did they get me?,” Calipari said

After a pause, he added this:

“I can’t even remember what (my son) Brad gave me,” Calipari said.

His daughters put a Christmas photo of him on social media comparing him to a character in “Home Alone.”

Calipari said he did not know that.

“They’re really funny kids. They’re really funny. Take pictures of me when I’m not watching and stuff and then put them out. How about that? Do you have kids like that? And then you wonder why I would never remember what they got me for Christmas,” the UK coach said.

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