Completed training facility has impacted recruiting

Recruit Naasir Watkins with UK recruiting coordinator Vince Marrow.


Kentucky has added eight verbal commitments this month going into Saturday’s TaxSlayer Bowl in Jacksonville.

First-year offensive coordinator Eddie Gran says the completed training facility has had a major impact in recruiting.

“There’s even a few kids locally here that are close by. Their folks haven’t been through it. The prospect has but some of their parents have not been. It’s really nice. It’s a big difference between taking people through this building and seeing the way we used it as opposed to showing it to them on a screen,” Gran said before leaving for Florida this week.

It also helped when UK beat Louisville, a highly regarded team nationally.

“I think people want to see the progress, and to beat a quality team on the road with a Heisman Trophy winner, was good momentum for us. I think a lot of recruits, that’s why we’ve recruited well. They believe in what we’re doing and it is important to see the progress on the field,” Gran said.

Gran said he didn’t recall any recruit “holding us hostage” demanding progress on the field.

“But it’s there. It’s important. There’s no denying that,” Gran said.



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  1. It is amazing what the Louisville win has meant to this program. Eight commitments in a month, and none of them less than a 3-star. That is progress. Now if we beat Tech, that might mean bringing in those last few, and making this a top 20 class. Couple that with 36 of the two-deep coming back next year, 2017 looks better than any year that we have had in a long, long time.

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