Calipari to team: “Everybody has a responsibility”


If a player comes to Kentucky, coach John Calipari says he has to know what to expect.

“There’s either you win or there’s death. I mean, that’s how it is here, and they have to deal with it. But, what I’m doing as a coach is I can’t get caught on the highs and the lows of this. There is a process that we always go through. I have to remind myself of that sometimes,” he said.

Calipari’s Cats lost at Louisville in their last game and play at Ole Miss tonight to open SEC play.

“We’ve got a good team. We’ve got to have a couple of guys catch up. We’ve got a couple of guys who have got to get better. I’ve kept it real the last couple of days. ‘A couple of you guys should kiss me for playing you, because you should not even get in the game. When you see me, don’t think I’m mad you. You should say, ‘Ah, I love this guy. He puts me in games, and I know I shouldn’t be getting in.'” Calipari said.

:I mean, I kept it real. I could sit here and lie to them. But, the reality of it is everybody has a responsibility to the other guy to do what they can do. And if they can’t do what is asked of them, then they shouldn’t be on the court. It is so simple. That’s it.

“You could say confidence. Well, you better have some confidence because it’s hard to stay in there if you don’t. This is – this is the big-boy game. Every game we play is like that. I’m watching Mississippi, they’re physical. Andy (Kennedy) has done a great job. They post the ball. They’ll shoot 3s. They’re doing their zones – their one-three-one, they’re two-three. They’re throwing a little two-two-one at you. They’re going man and trying to steal and deny. They’re playing physical. They’re rebounding. They’re playing like his teams play.

“And he’s got a whole new group. A couple of the kids are coming back and those are his – you can tell – the leaders of his team, the guys that are the seniors. But, you know a hard game for us. A hard road. They’re all hard. On the road, and you’re us? Doubly hard.”

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