Calipari to Adebayo: “Just don’t foul him.”

Bam Adebayo (Photo by Chet White | UK Athletics)


Kentucky freshman Bam Adebayo fouled out against North Carolina Saturday and also got in early foul trouble. He had 13 points and seven rebounds but played only 19 minutes.

Kentucky coach John Calipari will need him to play more against Louisville Wednesday to help offset the Cardinals’ interior size and physical play.

“Winning was important, but Bam has to understand you can’t go near people. Like when they’re driving in and they’re going to have a lay-up, then give them the lay-up. I keep telling them, this isn’t football. That is not a touchdown. We may score in four seconds. Give them the lay-up. Your foul kills us. That basket we’ll make up,” Calipari said.

“We’re the fastest team out there. We’ll throw it in, throw it in, 2-3, guess what? It’s a 2-for-1, we’re great. But they don’t get it yet.

“They still, I’ve got to stop this guy from scoring. What? If you didn’t play him before he caught it, you made a mistake already. He’s probably going to score on you, just don’t foul him. He’s a college player, so he may miss it. Just don’t foul him. He’s learning.”


  1. It is really strange to hear a coach to say, give up an uncontested layup, but I understand what he means. If Bam only can play 19 minutes because of foul trouble, it hurts the team. If he plays 38 minutes, that projects to 26 points 14 rebounds. I will take that production any day.

  2. There are good fouls to give and bad fouls to make. Learning the difference contributes to a basketball IQ. Bam is still learning, and he needs to learn this lesson from Coach now.

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