Calipari on Pitino: “We’re not mean to each other, not nasty to each other.”

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Going into Wednesday night’s game at Louisville, coach John Calipari of Kentucky says his relationship with Louisville coach Rick Pitino has been fine.

“We’re 90 miles away from each other. Coach at competitive rival schools. It’s hard to send each other Christmas Cards. I have known him for 25 years. I know how good of a coach he is. He is a great coach. He’s a Hall of Fame Coach,” Calipari said today.

“He has won at everywhere he has been. National championships, Final Fours. Come on, you know how good he is. And we’re in the same state 90 miles away from each other trying to carve out our own thing. We’re not mean to each other, not nasty to each other.

“At Augusta he and I worked out together and had a conversation for 35 minutes. We worked out for 30 minutes and talked back and forth. We talked about his son and we talked about what was going on and we just went back and forth. I think that was after something you guys said that he said or I said. Anything I say is geared to somebody – either him or this guy or that guy.” 

Would he have Pitino on his new Calcast (a podcast the UK coach just  started)?

“I would love it. Did you listen to today’s? Let me start. I’ve got to do this and then I’m going to answer your question. Guy comes at me and says, ‘Do you want to do a podcast?’ And if you know me – what is a podcast? I don’t know what a podcast is. He tells me what is it. I say, ‘Really? Any coaches doing it?’ And he said no. So what did I say then? ‘Alright, now you’ve got my interest.’ And then it became, ‘How much time am I going to spend?’ ‘Thirty minutes a week.’ ‘Can I do it with my wife? Because it’s her time that I’m stealing?’ ‘Yeah, you can it with her.,'” Calipari said.

“We’re going to have Christmas with my two daughters and son around the table, 35-minute podcast, and I’m going to have a whistle because my daughter Erin cusses, she says stupid stuff, so I’m going to blow the whistle so you can’t hear it. Phil Knight, interviewed him. Karl(-Anthony) Towns. I’m trying to get John Wall and DeMarcus (Cousins) together. I’m trying to get Anthony (Davis) and Michael Kidd(-Gilchrist) together. I’m just having fun with it. It’s nothing – did you listen to today’s?”

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