Calipari already planning return to Bahamas

De'Aaron Fox had a triple-double in the Bahamas. (Photo by Chet White | UK Athletics)

De’Aaron Fox had a triple-double in the Bahamas. (Photo by Chet White | UK Athletics)


Kentucky’s trip to the Bahamas resulted in a 115-66 rout of Arizona State. Kentucky was expected to win, but not by the margin the Cats did.

So did Calipari get what he wanted from the trip?

“We did this when we came down with that ’15 team. We stayed a little too long. I think we were here for about eight days. And I was packed for the last three days to go home. But it’s an unbelievable environment,” Calipari said after Mondays win.

“Everything is self-contained. And we were able to grow as a team together. You want your guys together. You want team-building. You want them to be around each other. So we just spent three days together. You can’t put a price tag on that.

“Second thing is, I like to take my team and do stuff. I just don’t want to go somewhere and play three games. Just don’t want to do it. And so we come down here. Our fans were here. Probably 1,500 fans here that got to see us play. We took pictures with them.

“And my team did what they had to do. We played a good basketball game. It was on national television. Everybody got to see it. Great for the Atlantis. Great for us. Everything should be a win and I think it was for both. That being said, I’d like to come back here and do this again next year. Come down for three days, play an opponent.

“We’re already talking about not this coming summer but next summer doing again what we did and coming back and my hope is our fans leave and say, ‘This was the greatest experience. We got closer to the players than we ever have. It’s not just watching a game. We got to be with them.’ And I would hope the Atlantis looks at this and says, ‘This is good for us too.’ ”


  1. Not want to change subject, but I think it’s time to put Indiana back on our schedule. Cal needs to get over it what happen at Hoosiers home floor to get this rivalry back in gear. College basketball has missed it.

    1. Cats79…UK will play IU on a neutral court anytime, but they apparently don’t want that. I don’t blame Cal one bit by not scheduling them. IU proved how bush league they really are when the last UK team that played them at home. UK players almost got injured while trying to leave the floor of that cracker box gym of theirs. All this done by unruly, and out of control IU fans. Cal already plays a tough schedule year in and year out. UK don’t need IU.

  2. The Bahamas trip sounds like a fun time for all BBN fans that have the means to go, a great chance to see the team up close. Cal seems to like it, and I know the team probably does. Go for it. I didn’t think Tyler Ulis could be replaced as a lead guard very easily, but wow, Fox is a load. Go Cats!!!

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