What happened on communication issues at end of Georgia game?

UK defenders moved in on Georgia's Nick Chubb. (Vicky Graff Photo)

UK defenders moved in on Georgia’s Nick Chubb. (Vicky Graff Photo)


After Kentucky lost to Georgia, head coach Mark Stoops mentioned communication problems the Cats had during Georgia’s game-winning drive that led to a field goal as time expired.

On Wednesday, defensive coordinator D.J. Eliot tried to explain what happened.

“There was a couple communication problems there at the end, and then we could’ve used some better techniques there. Could’ve finished. It was unfortunate that we didn’t do that because we had a chance to play well and get our offense back on the field,” Eliot said.

So what went wrong communication-wise?

“I don’t know how to explain it, but there was a lapse and we addressed it and harped on it all week that under pressure situations you can’t crack, and that you have to continue to apply your techniques and fall back on your training and make sure you’re alert and urgent at all times. Hopefully our kids will learn from it and it won’t happen again,” Eliot said.

“It was poor communication at times on that last drive, but I don’t think it was anything to do with our plays. I think it was just a pressure situation that we did not execute in.”

Kentucky plays at Tennessee Saturday at noon and Eliot says no matter who plays for the Vols because of the injuries the team has suffered, the player is still talented.

“I do know that they have good players that have filled in in all their spots. They have a lot of weapons that can be dangerous. And so we have to be very sound and we have to play our best and I think our players have had a great week of preparation for their personnel. We’re excited to get the week over and get onto the game,” Eliott said.

See what cornerback Derrick Baitty had to say after practice Wednesday: http://www.ukathletics.com/video/5823af66e4b08899d3e285cd


  1. What a croc of BS…Eliot continues to impress.

  2. I’ll tell you what happened. Ky fell back in the same “prevent” defense that just about got them beat at MO. KY didn’t play the prevent well then and they didn’t play it well last Saturday. Sometimes coach, you got to dance with who brung ya. Maybe there is something I am missing about Eliot but he seems to be out of his league. Almost iike he is playing at being a defensive coach.

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