UK needs great energy at Louisville

Boom Williams scored against Louisville last year. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Boom Williams scored against Louisville last year. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Every week Kentucky coach Mark Stoops hopes his team can play a “great game” no matter who the opponent is.

It’s no different with Saturday’s game at Louisville that kicks off at noon.

“Hopefully we’ll put it together and play a great game this week. We’re going to need to. I feel good about our team. I feel good about where they’re at mentally. Physically we’re in good shape. We go back to all the things we talked about in the summer. Being strong at the end, mentally and physically being able to finish things. And they’ve been good. We’ve had great energetic practices,” said Kentucky coach Mark Stoops.

“Late in the year with a lot of teams, that mental fatigue is where you’ve got to be mentally sharp. I really feel like we’ve been good in that, but there’s a lot of ways to improve. Just going back to the past two, three games, that’s where they’ll be challenged. Not growing weary and getting stronger and really having a great week with great energy. We’ve been energetic. It’s just being extremely disciplined.

“There’s teams that come in and there’s new wrinkles, new plays, new schemes and you have to be able to settle down and just rely on your system and focus to execute. We’ll need that again with all the offense we’re going to see. We’ll have to be disciplined.”

Stoops knows that Louisville coach Bobby Petrino has a “lot of offense” to throw against Kentucky.

“You can see how well they do in the second half of games. They score a lot of points. I think they have a good way of seeing what you’re doing, what the problems are and coming back with something else. So, obviously, he’s got a lot of offense. Very good play caller, keeps you off balance,” Stoops said. “And obviously it doesn’t hurt with (quarterback) Lamar Jackson, when things break down, he can kill you. He’s a dynamic player.

“They’re No. 1 in the country offensively for a reason. They do things very well. They keep you off balance.”

Louisville’s defense also impresses Stoops.

“Very well coached. Todd (Grantham) does a great job. They’re very good. They’re multiple. They’re very good players. I’m familiar with quite a few of those guys,” Stoops said. “They’re good players and play extremely hard. They’ll play both four-down and some odd. They’re good across the board.”


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  1. Stoops always says the same things about our opponents. I guess he is mentally preparing us for another beat down. Can’t believe that Barney, yes the guy that gave Stoops a contract extension without any evidence to support same, is now saying that Stoops has done a “remarkable turnaround” There will be a few more comments on that following the game tomorrow.

  2. Mike, speaking of same words you have no room to talk

  3. Do we put more credibiity n the comments from any number of analysts and coaches in the SEC or the constant blather of an obsessed, narcissist who has self proclaimed himself “Coach Mike:?
    It is tiresome!

    1. Strong over Stoops in a heart beat.

      1. Keep those comments coming Mile, it’s still a free country. I say Art Briles. he is a great coach looking for work. Read his resume, and look what he did at Houston and Baylor. He would find a great QB and put a great offense on the field. Stoops and Eliot are a pile of nerves at a press conference, and they coach that way in big games, and have proven that for 4 years now with better talent we all say. I think UK loses at Louisville, and probably a bowl game, finishing 6-7. I will add that I hope I’m wrong, Go Cats!!!

        1. Mike, sorry for the spelling above. Hang in their. I will eat crow with you if we are wrong. I don’t see it in Stoops. sorry.

  4. Mike, it’s either you can dream on about Stoops being fire or cheer on another team. STOOPS is our coach!!

  5. i used to have a little respect for Barnhart but that has dissipated as he has tried to address the football coaching issue. For him to make the comment that Stoops has started a remarkable turnaround is absolutely false and ludicrous. The offense is coming along nicely, and that is a credit to better talent and better recruiting. Who has Stoops really coached up since he has been here. D.J. Eliot has got to be the worse DC in all of D-1 ball and a lot of statistics to back that up. Since Stoops has been here we still can’t tackle, cover gaps, outside contain, tackle at line of scrimmage, put pressure on the quarterback or cover receivers. Yes, Stoops has been an outstanding asset to the defense of of our teams. Has he really gotten a signature win since he has been here? SC, Vanderbilt, and Mizzou all seem to have improved since we beat them. We have not beat a team that was playing above .500 ball when we beat them. I love our complete offense and a couple of the linebackers and that is what has carried this team. Duped by Stoops!

    1. Blah, blah, blah !!

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