Stoops wants to get Kash Daniel, Jordan Griffin more playing time

Kash Daniel (Alex Otte Photo)

Kash Daniel (Alex Otte Photo)


Sophomore linebacker Jordan Jones continues to be Kentucky’s leading tackler and coach Mark Stoops says much of that is because he plays with “relentless passion and energy and effort” to go along with good instincts.

Stoops did play redshirt freshman Eli Brown more last week against Georgia to give Jones some rest. He also thinks Brown can be an “exceptional player” in the future.

True freshman Kash Daniel could also be in line for more playing time to give linebacker Courtney Love a rest. That worked at Missouri but Love played most of the game against Georgia.

“We need to do that,” Stoops said about playing Daniel.

Daniel did  make two spectacular tackles on special teams last week.

“He’s a guy who plays extremely hard. He cares. He’s passionate and he’s getting better at linebacker as well. We need to get him a few series and get him some snaps,” Stoops said.

Same with true freshman cornerback  Jordan Griffin.

“We do trust Jordan, and I want to play him and we need to play him. So it is. Every possession as you know has been very close, but we do trust him and he’s been practicing very well so we gotta get him some reps,” Stoops said. “I think he’s gonna be an exceptional player, and I gotta make sure we get him in there in some quality reps to continue to develop him. I think he’s got a great future and we got to get him in there.”

“It is tough (to play young players), because every play is so critical and that’s where the trust comes in and the players need to earn our trust during the week with their prep and the way they do things all the time. Some of it is just with getting them in there and getting them some game experience and getting ‘em ready to play.”

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  1. Play them. They won’t get experience riding the pine boards..

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