Stoops: Houston loss not typical of Cards

fumble-jacksonBy LARRY VAUGHT

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said on the SEC coaches teleconference Wednesday not to underestimate Louisville because of its loss at Houston last week. Instead, he said Houston did plenty of good things while Louisville did not play its usual game.

“It was very much just not typical of Louisville. I think it starts with the opening kickoff and fumbling the ball, so it was just one of those nights, not a typical game for them. They’re the No. 1 offense in the country for a reason because they have great balance and they have the ability to stress a defense from sideline to sideline and it starts with a great offense, a great offensive system and of course Lamar Jackson puts unbelievable stress on you,” Stoops said.

“So what helped them was getting so far ahead and then having the ability to turn it into a pass game because they were so far ahead. Again, I think when you saw the designed quarterback runs, they still had success with that, but they were behind. So, can you learn something? Sure. I think Houston did some very good things, but it won’t be that easy. Louisville will be very well prepared and I’m sure they’ll be very balanced and it will be a different set of challenges.”

Stoops said Louisville has played “extremely well” all year on both offense and defense.

“Led by the Heisman Trophy frontrunner Lamar Jackson, extremely talented player. You can see his dual threat ability. Obviously he runs exceptionally well, but he’s got a very good, strong arm, very accurate. His leadership is evident. So again, it will be a real challenge, but we’re excited about the opportunity and looking forward to trying to get our seventh victory,” Stoops said.


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