Petrino says Jackson “tried to do too much”

Kentucky's defense stops Lamar Jackson. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Kentucky’s defense stops Lamar Jackson. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Louisville coach Bobby Petrino was obviously frustrated often during Saturday’s 41-38 loss to Kentucky — the first time he lost to UK as a Louisville coach — and that didn’t change when the game ended Saturday.

“You know sometimes in this game you find ways to win games and sometimes you find ways to lose games. I certainly feel like we found a way to lose that game,” Petrino said.

He did hold criticizing quarterback Lamar Jackson, who could win the Heisman Trophy. He threw two interceptions and fumbled deep in UK territory late in the game with the score tied 38-38. Kentucky then drove into Louisville territory to set up Austin MacGinnis’ winning 47-yard field goal.

“I think Lamar tried to do too much. We ran a similar play to what we ran earlier, and he handed the ball off and we ran in the end zone and he misread that one and didn’t take care of the ball the way he knows how to,” Petrino said. “And we ended up turning it over.

“But you felt good about where we were at, looking at the clock saying, ‘Hey we can get a field goal… we can do anything we want here to win the game, but turn it over.’ That was the one thing we couldn’t do. And that’s what we did.”

So what did he think of Jackson’s overall play?

“We’ve got to come in and watch the video and that’s how you evaluate it. Watch the video and see everything that’s going on out there,” Petrino said.

Guess he didn’t see enough during the game to answer.

Then he went more into Jackson’s ball security, or lack of it.

“What he needed to do right there was hand the ball off and trust his teammates.  Hand the ball of and let them make the play.  That is exactly what his read told him to do. And then he just tried to do too much and turned the ball over,” Petrino said.

Trying to do too much. Sometimes the best players do that and often Jackson has done it to win games for Louisville — like last year against Kentucky.

Jackson also got sacked repeatedly a week earlier in a loss at Houston and Kentucky also got pressure on Jackson at times.

So Petrino was asked if Jackson was staying in the pocket too long?

“Really? That is a bad question right there.  Lamar competes his butt off.  He does everything he possible can to help us win.  He has had an amazing season alright.  He has used all the talent that God gave him and that’s a bad job of questioning.  Thank you,” Petrino said.

So it is okay for Petrino to say Jackson basically lost the game by making a bad read and fumbling but if a reporter wonders if Jackson is staying the pocket too long that is a “bad job of questioning.”

Go figure!


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  1. Karma is a wonderful thing. Lamar striking those end zone Heisman poses was like spitting in fate’s eye. Yesterday, humility was it’s own reward. Proud of our classy Cats.

    1. “All Glory is fleeting”…. I think it is natural for young people to get ahead of themselves just as it is for young people to experience a significant emotional events that bring them back to earth. That happened to Lamar Jackson yesterday. He will no doubt be headed to the Pros but perhaps now he will do so with a little better sense of his own humanity and be a better player for it. He has been given a great opportunity, alas he should not squander it.

      1. Well said RJ.

  2. LJ had the most rushing yards for his team routinely throughout the season. When teams shit down Lamar, they shut down the whole team.

    1. He’s a fantastic player… no doubt about it. Wish that young man all the best. Wish his weasel of a coach pain and suffering.

      1. Calling Patrino a Weasel offends every ground dwelling animal in existence. On the other hand, it seems very appropriate!

    2. whoops typo. Meant shut*

  3. I am so very happy for Stoops. This is a study in “character”.

  4. Anyone that strikes that pose in a game is no longer on my nice guy list. He put himself at the head of everyone. I have never liked it going back to the time I saw Steve Spurrier insist on kicking a field goal in a college game even though he wasn’t the kicker. He was just the star. I still don’t like that guy because of that.

    Likely as not his coach filled his head with sugar plums and fairy dust but that’s no excuse. I prefer actual character over the “I’m better than everyone” attitude no matter where it comes from . We are UK fans and that sort of thing has been frowned on in the BBN going back to Rupp’s days that I know about. That’s been a long time now. UK has teams, not stars who try to be everything on the field.

    Many will blame the coach and maybe that’s the right thing to do but IMO a decent kid wouldn’t want to play for that slimeball. Maybe Jackson is a good kid but striking that pose will make many think he isn’t. That’s way too much “I’m the star” attitude IMO. Compare that to AD who took the least number of shots on his team at UK. Now look at him. Look at KAT. UK players just don’t try to be the star attraction. A few have certainly but they tend to not do well in life. Let’s talk about Johnny Football for example. Where is he now? He’s a fine example of the “look at me, I’m great” attitude.

    1. King, a lot can be attributed to the attitude of the coach. if the coach condones the me first attitude, the players will follow suit. I am glad Cal and Mark push the team first concept. Cal could have let Cousins, Davis, and Towns shoot 3-pointers, but he taught them how to play the low post, and look where they are today. it is interesting that they are the three best centers in the NBA.

  5. Everything BP has said about the game is what his players did wrong. He never took any of the blame for an embarrasing loss.
    Now look at Stoops, 2-10 and several 5-7 teams…..he always said he needs to coach better.
    BP is a jerk and he is best suited to coach at that school.

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