Kemp could be back against Tennessee

JoJo Kemp (Vicky Graff Photo)

JoJo Kemp (Vicky Graff Photo)


Senior running back JoJo Kemp has not played the last 2 1/2 games after injuring his left hand but he could be back Saturday at Tennessee.

“Had a really good practice today and he’s in the third week of that and today he looked as good as he’s looked since he had that (cast) on him,” said offensive coordinator Eddie Gran after Tuesday’s practice.

Kemp’s  specialty had been taking direct snaps out of the wildcat formation. Gran was concerned he might not be able to do that because of the injury.

“Watching him do that and all the other things you have to do, so that was good,” Gran said.

Gran said UK will need all its weapons at Tennessee Saturday against the Vols’ defense.

“They’re really good. They’re really athletic. They do a great job on defense. You see the guys up front. I think they’re athletic at the linebacker position, too. It will be a great challenge for us, No. 1 being on the road again and then a really good football team,” Gran said.

At times, Tennessee has been vulnerable against the run and the last four games that has been  UK’s strength with Benny Snell and Boom Williams.

“I don’t look at very many statistics. I guess just because – I do look at the turnovers, how they’re getting turnovers, what they’re doing, who the person is tackles for loss, who’s the guy making sacks and those guys making tackles because those guys can be game-wreckers,” Gran said.

“But how much they — that’s all going to depend on us. I think you’ve got to be balanced. I think you’ve got to be able to do both, and I think we’re going to have to be balanced this week.”


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  1. Open your offense up coach. Play to win and trust in your QB and his receivers and get them involved.

    1. Did that last week! Badet dropped a sure td pass that turned into an int. And Johnson dropped a wide open throw that would have been a drive sustaining first down. Where the h**l were you?

      1. Hey Knob, you are right, but that is two passes out of a mere 21 attempts for a whooping total of 122 passing yards for a UK football team that is top heavy with capable WR’s and TE’s, with two OC’s on the staff. One of them a QB guru. Why abandon your passing attack because a couple players drop a pass or two that could have been winners. That ain’t Johnson’s fault. Have a little more faith in your QB and receivers and keep firing. That’s all I’m saying. By the way, where were you after the Southern Miss loss? Nobody could find you here on Vaughts Views. Hey!!!! UK blew the Georgia game hoss. You know it and I know it.

        1. Southern Miss. ?? Right !! I have this funny thing following me around called a “life”. I don’t sit around the house all day looking at the screen of a ten year old desktop wondering how I could make myself sound as dumb as a couple of the genius’ that post on Vaughts Views.
          As it happens the CEO and I were up in Illinois attending first a wedding and then a Cubs game.
          What part of my statement above don’t you understand ? You need not answer that ! I’ve got the answer. Oh and why would I be here following a loss when I know that both Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum have got it covered? It’s what they do best. You and your buddy Mike make quite a team when tearing into a bunch of college sophomores and juniors. Big hero’s you are.

          1. Knob it makes my day to rattle your chain. You are so sensitive my man. Who cares if you and your CEO were anywhere? You have quite the knack of letting everyone on VV’s know how important you are. My criticism is directed toward these coaches who are getting paid big bucks to win football games. Losing happens yes, but it should never be acceptable, or this program will never succeed.

  2. You are truly a sad individual Pupster. Just plain sad.

    1. Whatever Knob. Like I have said, who died and left you in charge. I been a UK football fan probably longer than you have been alive boy. After more than 47 years, I’m just tired of losing football and watching UK get beat up by the same SEC teams year in and year out. Don’t that bother you?

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