How does UK slow down Lamar Jackson?

Lamar Jackson (Vicky Graff Photo)

Lamar Jackson (Vicky Graff Photo)


When he was coaching at Louisville, one of the players that current Kentucky receivers coach Lamar Thomas helped bring to Louisville was quarterback Lamar Jackson.

Now Jackson is seen as the leader for the Heisman Trophy going into Saturday’s game with Kentucky.

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops joked Monday that he expects Thomas “to find us one of those guys” now that he is at Kentucky. He also said Thomas really can’t help with ways to slow down Thomas’ running or throwing.

“I don’t know if anybody has any real good ideas on how to slow him down. He’s absolutely a phenomenal player. What I admire most about Lamar Jackson is you could see his leadership and you can see his toughness, just watching some of their games and we had an opportunity to watch throughout the year on TV and of course on film you don’t see it as much, but on TV, you can just tell how strong he is and what type of leader he is,” said Stoops Monday.

“They are good across the board and they’re well coached across the board, but when they need a play, he’s there. He’ll run or throw or make a good decision and will his team to win, so you have to have a lot of respect for somebody like that.”

Stoops says Jackson is better with his decision making this year.

“He’s improved in a lot of ways. I think you could just see with, like I talked about earlier with him, with the leadership and the toughness. He’s a complete player. He can throw the heck out of the football and sit in the pocket. But obviously he’s an exceptional athlete as well,” Stoops said


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  1. It’ll be a tall order for sure, but VA (for 59 minutes) and WF (for 3 quarters) had the right idea… play keep away. Eat clock by pounding them with one of the best running games in the country and play smart football. Fight with everything we have “til the battle is won”.

    GO CATS !!!!!!!

  2. Norman….certainly like your hopefulness, but I think it will come down to their very potent offense and our very impotent defense. We will score on them, but we could score 40 and they could top 60 and the string contibues.

    1. Aren’t you the ever present ray of sunshine !

  3. I don’t think UK can beat Louisville for a number of reasons. For one, Stoops can’t win the big ones. Number two, Houston embarrassed the Cards, so they will be lazer focused. Number three, the Lamar Thomas defection will not be forgotten by Petrino, Four, UK can’t stop a running QB, especially one like Thomas. Number five, Louisville’s home field advantage. I also think UL has better coaching across the board than does UK right now. UK will have no answer. If UK can show some fire and execute a great game plan, and upset the Cards, I will take the heat gladly. Sorry folks, that’s the way I see it.

    1. Sorry, I meant a running QB like Jackson, a Heisman candidate at that

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