How does Gran rank Boom-Snell combo?

Boom Williams (Wade Upchurch Photo)

Boom Williams (Wade Upchurch Photo)


Kentucky offensive coordinator Eddie Gran was asked this week how Boom Williams and Benny Snell stack up with other running back combinations he’s coached. Williams is already over 1,000 yards during this year and Snell should be when the season ends.

“I think they’re really talented. You know, I think you got a mixture. You might have Carnell (Williams) and Ronnie (Brown). Ronnie was the bruising kind of back (at Auburn), had a lot of different talents than what Carnell had. But Carnell was that slasher, and I think that’s kinda what Boom and Benny have,” Gran said.

“And you have JoJo (Kemp) in there with the yards he’s gotten and he’s a little more like Benny. So, and you saw Sihiem (King) is a little more look Boom. But I think that combo has been really good. We stack up pretty good.”

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  1. Some great athletes, no doubt, and it is not easy to even get close to 1,000 rushing yards in a season. They are good RB’s. With all that said, and strictly from a team standpoint concerning wins and losses, UK comes up short again this year because they can’t beat the Florida’s, Georgia’s and Tennessee’s in the SEC despite these guys. They were close on a couple, but same old story.

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