Gran: Offensive line has to keep its edge

Boom Williams has found big holes to run recently behind UK's offensive line. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Boom Williams has found big holes to run recently behind UK’s offensive line. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky’s Boom Williams and Benny Snell have had some impressive rushing games but offensive coordinator Eddie Gran emphasized Tuesday not to underestimate the play of the offensive line, especially senior center Jon Toth.

“He’s gotten a lot of reps. He’s really done a good job. As a matter of fact, we used some other centers today just to get them some more reps today because we’ve talked about that. Bunchy (Stallings) got some center reps today just to get him a little break because he has had a lot of reps,” Gran said as Toth and Stallings stayed on the field to work on Stallings’ footwork.

“He’s the quarterback, he’s the one who gets it done and he’s done a fantastic job for us.”

Gran said it was “awesome” to see the offensive line being praised.

“They’ve worked really hard at the stuff we talked about this summer. It’s like I told them today, you know, when we talked about our message from coach Stoops: If they think they’ve arrived then we’re in trouble,” Gran said.

“And we got to keep that edge. But yes, I am proud of them and their success. But we’ve got a long way to go.”


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  1. I agree. Let’s kick some Dawg butt with a heavy dose of Benny.

  2. I think we will be watching Toth play on Sundays next year.

  3. Love these Big Nasties.

    GO CATS !!!!!!

  4. It all starts with the line. Always. And Stoops was able to finally get the line clicking into place in the nick of time and everything is falling into place after that.
    The players see success. Renewed belief in the system. Reward for effort by winning.
    And now, Stoops is able to start developing the depth with even more snaps. Grreat stuff.
    He is still a couple years away from an elite level, but man is this going to go a long way in recruiting benefits if we get to 8 wins… (or more).

  5. There are very few seniors on the two-deep, looking great for next year. John Toth will be missed for sure

  6. A power back like Snell who can get YAC has been the most dynamic piece of UK’s recent success offensively IMO. Without a doubt the UK Oline has vastly improved from where they started back in Sept. That said, UK is a much better football team with Snell in the backfield. I might add that the QB play has vastly improved as well with the addition of Stephen Johnson, He gives the Cats some confidence and steady leadership on the field. I think school is still out on the UK defense down the stretch here, where the competition is going to be much tougher in three of the last four games. Can they get to 6? I think so. They will have to go out and prove to me that they can beat a Georgia team that will come in here focused Sat. night. If UK beats Georgia, they will take a huge step in closing out a season that started off a disaster.

    1. Larry Pup, the defense does have issues. Remember, they are razor thin. We got hit hard near the start of the season.. Big player transfer, a few injuries at key spots that were already not deep.
      So yeah, Stoops will have to shore up the Defense next year, but I have no doubt he will get it done. After all, they have so far been able to patch together just enough to get by. That translates to invaluable POSITIVE experience going forward.

      So it’s all good provided we play tough the rest of the year.

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