Calipari credits fans for his Rupp Arena wins


Beating Duquesne Sunday night was John Calipari’s 121st win in Rupp Arena tying the win record that former UK coach Joe B. Hall had. Calipari has just four losses against his 121 wins — and he should break the tie with a win over Cleveland State Wednesday — while Hall had 14 losses.

Calipari pumped his arms in the arm and said, ‘Yay,” when asked what tying Hall’s mark meant. Then he deferred credit to others.

“The only thing here is, Final Four’s and national titles. It’s not league championships, it’s none of that. It’s not wins in the building, it’s not wins on the road, it’s not wins in neutral (court games). It’s Final Fours and national titles and that’s what we chase here,” Calipari said.

“So that’s all nice. And I would say this, let me clarify that. Every coach that’s been here has won big at home. That means we have the greatest fan base. Did it matter who was coaching here? I just lasted longer than the other dudes. How about that.

“This building is, it’s a hard place to win if you’re an opponent and the fans make it that way. I walked in today, nine o’clock on a Sunday night, we were missing some students, but other than that, the place was packed. Are you kidding me? Go home, folks, it’s really late.

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