Bilas not sure where UK “shakes out just yet”

Jay Bilas (Photo by Phil Ellsworth / ESPN Images)

Jay Bilas (Photo by Phil Ellsworth / ESPN Images)


Duke and Kentucky are the two most talented teams in the country. That’s why ESPN analyst Jay Bilas thinks going into to the season.

“It’s just young talent. Any time you have youth at that level, and Kentucky’s seen it both ways. Kentucky’s seen youth that is ready to go and then youth you have to wait on. I’m not sure where this team shakes out just yet,” Bilas said Monday.

He knows how the SEC will shake out. Or thinks he does.

“The SEC is improving, but it’s not quite there yet,” he said. “The other teams in the league have to be able to beat Kentucky to prove to the (NCAA selection) committee they’re legit.”

He expects Florida to be improved and make the  NCAA. Same with Texas A&M despite some key player losses. Add Georgia to the list of SEC teams he expects in the  NCAA field. He says if other team — like Alabama — can play well, then the SEC could add more NCAA teams.


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