Adebayo full of praise for Dominique Hawkins

Dominique Hawkins (Vicky Graff Photo)

Dominique Hawkins (Vicky Graff Photo)


Count Bam Adebayo as a big Dominique Hawkins fan.

“He plays hard, he’s smart, he’s an intelligent point guard. He just plays hard on the ball and off. He is a great defender. If he gets caught on an island, I don’t have to help as much as I should. He’s just outstanding. He has experience and knows what it is all about,” Adebayo said.

How tough is Hawkins?

“I thought he should have played football and been a running back. I am just glad I have him on my team,” Adebayo said.

Of course,  Hawkins did play football at Madison Central and was a terrific player.

“Usually in practice if I get hurt, I never come off the court. It’s rare for me to sit out,” Hawkins said. “I think that’s what Bam was meaning.”

Hawkins didn’t miss a game after bruising his knee. He said ice took care of it.

The senior guard knows how to take care of things on the court, too.

“I’ve been here for four years. I know how he (coach John Calipari) likes it and I know all the plays and if anybody needs help then I can get them in the right position,” Hawkins said.

He likes the way the team is “connecting really well so early” in the season despite having so many freshmen.

“We’ve been playing well as a team and there’s nobody that’s selfish and everybody’s getting up shots and passing the ball to each other,” Hawkins said before UK went to the Bahamas and routed Arizona State Monday night. “I feel like it’s like that because everybody wants to go to the league.

“Everybody wants to be able to show that they can make it at higher level and perform good. And everybody wants to win. And each game we come and play, we perform at our best level to try to win the game.”

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