Stoops tried to make sure Cats not looking ahead

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops


Going into tonight’s game with Mississippi State, Kentucky finds itself at 3-3 and needing a win to help secure a possible bowl bid.

But the Wildcats are also 2-2 in SEC play and have a chance to stay in the SEC Eastern Division race — yes, I know that sounds strange — if they win tonight.

“You can’t look that far ahead. We’re really focused on this week. I think our players do realize that if we continue to take care of our business, then we’ll have a good opportunity this week. It’s just week to week,” coach Mark Stoops said.

“That’s where our focus needs to be. To dissect it even more is what are we going to do today? How are we gonna work today to prepare ourselves for this Saturday.”

Kentucky could have a chance to soar to 5-2 in SEC play if it can beat Mississippi State, Missouri and Georgia. It’s unlikely that could happen, but not impossible. The only other league game left would be at Tennessee.

“It’s so hard to look at that big picture. Six weeks is so far from here in a football world. We’re worried about today, and I know that gets boring sometimes to talk about, but that’s what we’re focused on,” Stoops said.

“I do think there’s some truth to that if we handle our business  – let’s go take care of business this Saturday and then we’ll worry about the next one. Because as you know and as you can see, it’s a real struggle week to week for a lot of people.”


  1. Great win Cats…

    Up until Johnson laid it on the ground for the second time in the game, this was the most complete game KY has played this season. What an effort. I’m proud of this team hanging in. This is how you win football games. You never quit. And then you can say, ” I would rather be lucky than good”!!!!! Good win Cats.

  2. Johnson had a good game but he has got to hold on to the football. Thats 2 fumbles from him in this game, We almost owned them until that generous turnover. Now all we have to do is beat MZ and then we are set for bowl eligibility.

  3. The only thing that matters this morning is working hard to eliminate the mistakes, dropped passes, fumbles, and defensive lapses, in preparation for Missouri. Nothing else matters.

    Just 5 weeks, and 4 games ago, this program was in disarray, having lost its first 2, and lost its golden child QB in the first possession of game 3. In game 3, the team did show signs of offensive explosiveness despite the QB loss, but the defense was a sieve. The team did get their first win and learned that Johnson could make plays from the QB position and Benny Snell is a runner.

    Since then, 3-1, all in the SEC, with renewed hopes, no expectations of a bowl game despite the miserable start.

    Folks, this team has improved, but it has not arrived yet. Its fortunes can turn the other direction just as quickly as they turned into the positive direction a few weeks ago. Work remains. However, it is work that this team has demonstrated a willingness and ability to get done, and it is work that can realistically be accomplished.

    My hopes for this team are to be as focused as any UK team has been in recent memory, charge into Tiger Stadium in Columbia, Missouri next Saturday afternoon and take care of business by coming home with another win.

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