Stoops now says Johnson’s wrist injury “not an issue”

Stephen Johnson (Wade Upchurch Photo)

Stephen Johnson (Wade Upchurch Photo)


Monday night on his weekly radio show Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said quarterback Stephen Johnson had a “banged up” wrist.

After practice Tuesday, Stoops said that he did not want to talk about the wrist and neither did Johnson.

“It’s not an issue. He’s got a little banged up. Everybody is banged up and bruised. Nobody here is looking for that excuse, and certainly not Stephen. Everybody’s got to play banged up,” Stoops said.

Johnson ran the ball more in last week’s win over Vanderbilt when he was just 10 of 24 passing with one interception.

Offensive coordinator Eddie Gran said he was just taking what the defense gave him.

“Some of them, he didn’t have a chance to step up and throw and he got us some first downs by running the ball. Some of it for what we do allows him to run the ball. For example, the touchdown he scored. Great read, made a great decision. Those things I think he’s doing very well,” Gran said.

Gran said Johnson is still working on correct footwork and says he still has a tendency to move to the left too quick.

“Those are the things we’re working on right now. You’ve got a lot of time to get that corrected and I know that he is a great competitor. He’s doing everything he can. But what you don’t want him to do is you don’t want him to press,” Gran said.  “You don’t want him to get to where he’s afraid and I don’t want to be that.

“I want him to go out there and play and I believe he’ll do that. I really do. He threw the ball really well today in seven on seven and that was really good to see.”

Kentucky is now 3-3 and has a bye this week before hosting Mississippi State Oct. 22. Gran doesn’t want Johnson second-guessing his play.

“I always talk about short-term memories. Boy, at that position, you better have a short-term memory. It’s like the corner position, like that left tackle position. You’ve got to move forward. There’s another one,” Gran said.

“We’ve got Mississippi State coming. That one’s done now. We’ve put it to rest. And we’ve got a great opportunity to get better fundamentally.”


  1. Well which is it?

    1. Don’t you love coach-speak…:)

      1. It’s real simple, Johnson is physically ready to go or he’s not. Like you said RJ, they have some down time now, so heal up.

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