Stoops doesn’t want team “satisfied” with road win

Josh Allen (41) put the pressure on Missouri Saturday. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Josh Allen (41) put the pressure on Missouri Saturday. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky had only one road win in almost four seasons under coach Mark Stoops until it won 35-21 at Missouri Saturday in a game it dominated.

Stoops knows it was important to prove his team could win on the road.

“What I loved about it is I loved our guys’ preparation – and that’s not coach-speak. I love the way they went about it. This group – that’s what I just asked them right now, ‘Are we satisfied? Is that it? Are we satisfied with this or are we going to go take it to another level?’” Stoops said after the game.

“And that’s what I love coaching about them: They want to go to work. I want them to enjoy it. They should. The music is on in there and they’re having fun, and they should, but tonight go home and watch somebody else sweat and relax. Let’s get back to work on Monday and not be satisfied. So, that’s our mindset.”


  1. So happy for these guys!! Guys this means #Stoops is gonna get a real shot to realize his potential here at UK.

  2. What a difference a few weeks can make. We go from having the worst defense in college football according to Lee Corso, to holding Missouri to 69 offensive plays when they ran well over a hundred the week before. The offense has found an identity in running the ball, and Lo and Behold, we are ahead of Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, Vanderbilt and Missouri in the east. The season isn’t over by a long-shot, but we are breathing rarified air that we haven’t inhaled in a long time. What seemed as unwinnable games a few weeks ago now seems achievable. Georgia will be tough, but it is at home. Tennessee with all the injuries and turmoil, is not out of the realm of possibility. So from this point, six wins and bowl eligibility is almost a sure lock. Seven wins is doable, and eight is not out of the realm of possibility. Who would have had those thoughts after the Florida game?

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