Stoops: Credit Eliot, defensive staff for improvements

D.J. Eliot

D.J. Eliot


Since Kentucky coach Mark Stoops declared he was taking over the defense, the Wildcats have played significantly better on defense.

But after the win over Vanderbilt Saturday when the UK defense did not give up a touchdown, Stoops said defensive coordinator D.J. Eliot and his staff deserve credit for the transformation.

“I want to be very clear about this, there’s no way we would have this success without coach Elliott putting a lot of this together. I really helped eliminate some of that, some of the pressure of calling the game, because we work well together,” Stoops said. “We always have. So the structure of it is very good.

“He’s seeing what’s going on in the press box, he’s making great adjustments. And, really, it’s easy to call plays when the structure’s right and the guys are playing. We are keeping them off balance, but that’s a credit to the whole defensive staff.

“So, we really have done well, but DJ’s worked his tail off and is doing the same things he’s always done, he’s always been successful, it’s just helping with me being involved in calling it and he can really see what’s going on up there and make quality adjustments and know exactly — because, before, if he is so busy doing all that and we don’t know exactly what’s going on and how to get things fixed, so it’s been an — it’s been working well.”


  1. Were to begin??????? Ok, defense stink; HC takes over defense; defense gets better; HC credits the guy who he took the place of. If this story were not so ludicrous it would be funny.

    The Defense is better. Statement of fact. Just take it and let it go coach. Anything else just makes us look bad.

  2. Keep Eliot in the Booth. Clearly he has not been effective on the sideline. While he may assist in planning, no way should he be given full reign.

  3. A good leader passes success on to others and is the face of blame. Yet another good sign.

    GO CATS!!!!

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