Stoops all for early signing, 10th assistant

Mark Stoops (Wade Upchurch Photo)

Mark Stoops (Wade Upchurch Photo)


Since he arrived at Kentucky, coach Mark Stoops has been in favor of an early signing period just like basketball and other sports have.

Now the NCAA is talking about the possibility of an early signing period and Stoops is all for it.

“I saw it. I’m all for it. I think most of my counterparts there in the SEC are not for it, but I would be. I think what exact date or how we work through that still needs a little bit of massaging, but I’m all for an early signing period,” Stoops said.

He would like to see players allowed to take official visits earlier to go along with the earlier signing date if that becomes a reality.

“They didn’t really recommend that, but I think it was part of the initial discussions. This is all very new, so I don’t want to jump to any conclusions on that,” Stoops said.

He’s also in favor of the recommendation to add a 10th full-time assistant coach.

“It’s really silly not to do that with as many quality controls as we all have and as many spots as we have. It’s silly not to just let them get out there and coach,” Stoops said.


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